Chris Koutures, MD, Pediatric & Sports Medicine Physician,

Owner ActiveKidMD

If you are looking for the absolute best in sports medicine, performance and extreme sport athletic care, look no farther than Trish Bare Grounds and Bare Essentials Sports Medicine. Trish and her crew are rockstars- they bring a professional prepared approach to every event that allows them to adjust and respond to any medical concern with appropriate confidence. When interacting with athletes, you can immediately see how they develop rapport and gain trust. They can make the tough calls, and they can also deal with the tough injuries- knowing when to pull an athlete for safety concerns, when to advocate for an injured athlete, and knowing when to give a hug of support in a time of need. They are probably some of the most flexible medical professionals I have ever encountered. Even in the most challenging and unorthodox situations, they are poised, cool, and always looking out for the best interest of the performers. I am in awe of their capabilities, and highly recommend giving Bare Essentials the chance to wow you as well


Todd Meyn, Professional BMX Athlete, Nitro Circus

I’ve been lucky enough to know Trish since the age of 15. My profession is BMX and I cannot begin to explain the amount of amazing care and help that she has provided me over the last 12 years. I’m lucky enough to travel the world and in doing so I’ve come across many trainers and it’s not very often you come across someone as genuine,caring, loving and that has to much passion to help others as Trish. I wish I could take her to every event in my suitcase around the world with me. Not only that but I have never seen somebody work there butt off as hard what she does. I’m Forever grateful.


Patrick Wentland, Former Director of High Performance, USA Taekwondo

As the former Director of High Performance for USA Taekwondo, I would like to highly recommend Trish Bare Grounds and her Athletic Trainer services for any sporting event. Her knowledge and experience is second to none along with her staff of ultimate professionals who have proven talents in high pressure, emergency situations. Trish and her team have provided Athletic Trainer services at many of USA Taekwondo's Championships and I would rely on her for exceptional results every time. 

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