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About Bare Essentials Sports Medicine


To ensure the best possible health care coverage for sporting events, along with providing the best possible healthcare information and information network for athletes of all ages, abilities, and athletic involvement. 


Bare Essentials Sports Medicine Company was created out of a need for health care coverage and information for traditional and non-traditional sporting events and venues, from "weekend" warriors to professional sport/athlete coverage, and every athlete in between. 


Providing you with the best health care professionals

Owner Trish Bare Grounds is passionate about covering non-traditional sports, from martial arts to action sports to performance arts sports, with amazing medical professionals and insanely talented athletes while providing the highest level injury care, nutrition, rehab, strengthening, balance training and more! 

Trish Bare Grounds 
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Trish is a Licensed & Certified Athletic Trainer as well as the Bare Essentials Sports Medicine Owner, Medical Coordinator, Speaker, Performance Manager, Concussion Management Specialist, Certified Nutritionist & Author of Bare Essentials Sports Medicine.


Medical Coordinator of Event Medical Teams for major Taekwondo Events:

       1. USA Taekwondo, Sanctioned, National & International Events

       2. AAU Taekwondo, National Events


 Medical Team Coverage of International Action Sports Events : 

      1. Vans BMX Events

      2. Fise World Series


Author of 2 books, "The Bare Essentials Guide for Martial Arts Injury Prevention and Care" (First & Second editions)


Showcased in:

Spotlight profile in PrettyTough 


BESM draws upon some of the top sports medicine and emergency medicine providers in the business. We then give them additional on-site training to take them the next level of athlete care. We do this for both medical professionals and student interns of all healthcare fields prior to the start of the event, as well as in training sessions we conduct for educational purposes. Student Interns and Volunteer Medical Professionals learn new skills and information that they can take with them and use within their own careers with greater confidence. BESM, unlike many event medicine companies, encourages students (high school, college, grad school, med school) to apply to intern with us, where they are certain to learn new skills and have a great experience! Many of these students & professionals come back and volunteer at/work many events for us for many years. We use a combination of student interns, volunteer medical professionals and paid staff for events.

Kelly Morgan, MD
Medical Director

Kelly started with us as a student athletic trainer then came back as a medical student and eventually as a physician. Within a few years, she was named as our Medical Director for all sports events covered by BESM. Kelly is also a black belt in Taekwondo and hence why you see her at many USA Taekwondo events. Kelly has ventured out with BESM to action sports/bmx events as well as cheer and dance events. She even spent her last month rotation of medical school with BESM Covered Events! And yes, she is a doctor who can not only suture up athletes but tape them as well., when she is not working in the Emergency Room in Las Vegas or juggling Motherhood of three beautiful girls.

William "Buddy" Ramsey, DC
Chiropractic Physician

Buddy Ramsey has been a prominent Sports Chiropractic Physician with BESM since 2001, both martial arts and action sports. He began with BESM when he met one of our Taekwondo Olympians on a golf course who brought him to USA Taekwondo Nationals to begin his journey with BESM. Buddy travels much more with motocross but has also traveled with Team USA Taekwondo.

Bill Spivey, PT
Physical Therapist 
BESM Martial Arts Events Floor Supervisor

Bill Spivey is more than just a Physical Therapist with plenty of Manual Therapy & Sports Medicine experience, he is one of our most familiar faces at taekwondo events as well as traveling with USA Taekwondo National Teams. Bill has been with us since 1999 and is a 5th degree black belt. He lives half of his year in Alaska and half the year in the Caribbean. Check out his adventures at www.MakingSmilesHappen.com where he does everything from sailing to scuba to hiking and more in paradise.

Ira Schneider, DC, CCSP, PT Chiropractic Physician & Physical Therapist

Ira (on the left) is a Sports Chiropractic Physician and Physical Therapist & has been with BESM since almost the beginning of BESM, starting with us in 1998. Ira is also very active with CrossFit, BodyBuilding & Rodeo events as well as one of the orignal RockTape Rock Doc Guru. Ira was a highly competitive bodybuilder for decades and his passion for competition has carried over into his passion to get athletes back up doing what they love.

Phuong Hoang, LAT, ATC Certified Athletic Trainer, BESM Martial Arts Event Floor Supervisor

Phuong began as a graduate student with us and has worked all forms of martial arts, action sports as well as cheerleading and dance. She has been with us since 1999. She travels with Team USA Taekwondo as well as supervises the competition floor at AAU Taekwondo Events.Phuong has a strong background im Strength and Conditioning as well as Sports Medicine. Fun note, she works for Apple as an Apple Genius for her day job.

Terry Weyman, DC, CCSP
Chiropractic Physician & EMT

Terry (on the right) is a Sports Chiropractic Physician and EMT. He has worked extensively with BESM in martial arts and action sports, but also has a very active career in other sports: motocross, mountain bike, rodeo and surfing. Team USA is often blessed with Terry traveling with the team for international events as well as always at Vans US Open of Surfing & BMX Invitational.  He and Ira have been with BESM every step of the way through many sports events.

Philip Hensler, LAT, ATC Certified Athletic Trainer  

Philip is a Certified Athletic Trainer who was initially recruited by Trish for Dew Tour and later began working Taekwondo as well as action sports events with BESM. We use many of Philip’s images from his other love of photography. Photos from Philip Hensler Photography often grace our website & social media. Phil when not chasing his sons or taking pictures loves to snowboard and mountain bike.

Jennifer Barrett, LAT, ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer, BESM Sports Med Tent Supervisor

Jennifer is another student athletic trainer to Certified Athletic Trainer who has been with us for over a decade now, Jennifer is our Sports Medicine Tent Supervisor at Taekwondo Events as well as working numerous local events and elite training camps. She helps keep Sports Med organized and running smoothly in the middle of huge events and obviously great with children.

Tori Lam, LAT, ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer
BESM Floor Supervisor

Tori (pictured with Caroline Howard), began with us at Taekwondo events and then joined us for BMX events after having worked at Woodward Camp. Tori eventually became our California Taekwondo Events Supervisor before taking a job with Woodward Oark City, UT, when it opened in 2020, but still comes back for occasional events. Tori is a great asset for many of our taekwondo and bmx events when we can get her out with us.

Brian Roberts, Certified Athletic Trainer, Concussion Specialist

Brian is a Certified Athletic Trainer who joined BESM a few years ago as our go-to Concussion Specialist in Southern California. Brian runs a concussion clinic in Southern California but also handles coordination of concussion care with MLB, NFL and MLB Umpires as well as work with many professional sports teams. He has been integral with several head injured athletes in taekwondo and bmx.

Rick Lau, Certified Athletic Therapist (Canadian AT)

Rick (pictured with Phuong Hoang & Matthew Fisher) is one of several Canadian Certified Athletic Therapists BESM utilizes for Taekwondo events. Fluent in French, he is extremely important at our international events. We were fortunate to meet him during his travels with the Canadian Taekwondo National Team and he often joins us for US Open Taekwondo Championships.

Bonnie Francl, Certified Athletic Trainer

Bonnie Francl (pictured second from left), along with Grace Iorio, Phuong Hoang and Allison Wood -- all of these amazing ladies are BESM Certified Athletic Trainers for martial arts, cheerleading/dance and BMX events. This is when they all still lived in Florida. Bonnie is the only one still living in Florida, originally from Wisconsin. Bonnie also just graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Rebecca Rosenberg, Physician Assistant, LMT

Rebecca (shown with BESM Owner Trish Bare Grounds) is a Physician's Assistant that started with us as a Student Athletic Trainer as well as a competitive blackbelt athlete and a Licensed Massage Therapist. She has worked Taekwondo, BMX and Cheerleading/ Dance, for over a decade from local events to Nationals and USA Team Travel..

Matthew Fisher, Certified Athletic Trainer

Matthew has traveled extensively with us for the past 15 years as a Certified Athletic Trainer for martial arts events, being one of our core staff when USA Taekwondo hosted 6 regional competitions as well as Nationals & US Open. We still get him out for several events each year when we can drag him away from his Boarding School position in Buffalo, NY.

David Holford & Steve Guerrara, Certified Athletic Trainers

David & Steve work our California Martial Arts Events. Steve recently became the BESM California Martial Arts Event Supervisor, taking the place of Tori Lam who moved to Arkansas. Steve has been with BESM since he was a student athletic trainer to today as an ATC. Steve also works with USA Wrestling.

Rachel Trundle, Certified Athletic Trainer

Rachel (pictured with Allison Wood and a Student athletic trainer) -- started with us as a student athletic trainer and became a Certified Athletic Trainer who now covers many of our martial arts events in Georgia.

Jackie Lauricella, Certified Athletic Trainer

Jackie (shown with Chelsea Best) began with us as a high school Student Trainer and competitive blackbelt athlete eventually becoming certified and is the second Graduate Student/Certified Athletic Trainer at DDASC. Jackie often works Taekwondo and BMX events for BESM.

Jena, Caroline & Chelsea, respectively our first high school, first college and first graduate Student Athletic Trainers at the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex Training Room. They have worked various BMX and Taekwondo events outside of DDASC with us as well. They are all now Certified ATs and are at the beginning of their careers but we hope to have them join us for events here and there.

Jenna Donovan, Caroline Howard & Chelsea Best
Andi Tate, Certified Athletic Trainer

Andi (pictured with Trish & Phil) joined us only a few years ago when we had an event in Texas, her home state and she has been hooked ever since! We look forward to having her at as many events as we can get her out for.

Aziza Chambers, Certified Athletic Trainer

Aziza, presently one of our internationally ranked Taekwondo athletes, has been with us as an athlete and as a Student Athletic Trainer for many years. She is now a Certified Athletic Trainer with a master's degree and works many of our Florida Taekwondo Events.

Melissa Marquis, Certified Athletic Trainer

Melissa began as a student athletic trainer to Certified Athletic Trainer beginning in cheerleading and dance events before joining us at taekwondo and action sports events. Melissa is another one of the BESM Staff who has spent her time working for Cirque du Soleil.. Although she is now a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful boys, we still get her out for events in GA and SC.

David Tomchuk, Certified Athletic Trainer

David (pictured with Phil Hensler and Buddy Ramsey) is a BESM Certified Athletic Trainer who has been with us for 15 years of martial arts events. David works many of our Missouri-Oklahoma and Midwest Taekwondo Events.

Jaime Rodriguez, Certified Athletic Trainer

Jaime is another one of our Olympic Training Center Resident Athletes turned Certified Athletic Trainer. She no longer competes but is one of our many blackbelt Taekwondo athletes. She is also one of our military veterans within BESM and we are very proud of her service to her country and BESM.

Katie Barr, DPT, EMT, & Certified Athletic Trainer

Katie started out with us as a student athletic trainer who is now a Certified Athletic Trainer, EMT and Doctorate of Physical Therapy who has worked many taekwondo and bmx events. Katie also spent a summer with BESM at DDASC. You will see her at local taekwondo events in VA & MD as well as many national USA Taekwondo Events.

Tina Szeto, Certified Athletic Therapist (Canadian AT)

Tina is another one of our Athletic Therapists from Canada who we met on an international trip traveling with the Canadian Taekwondo National Team. Tina occasionally joins us for Taekwondo events in Canada and nearby states in the USA.

Sheri Walters, Certified Athletic Trainer & DPT

Sheri, a Certified Athletic Trainer and Doctor of Physical Therapy, started with us in college as one of our very first student interns and remained with us through her doctorate degree. She also happens to be a black belt in Taekwondo. She is a major player in our BESM family and attended the 2018 Winter Olympics with the USA Women’s Hockey Team. She was the key PT for Brett “Maddog” Banasiewicz during his recovery from a TBI.

Jason Han, DPT, Physical Therapist

Jason Han was on the USA National Taekwondo Team for a decade while pursuing his college degrees to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We drag him out occasionally for taekwondo and bmx events, as well as para-taekwondo, but he is extremely busy with his own Physical Therapy Clinic and Sport Performance Center, HealthFit, in Pasadena. We send a lot of our athletes with high level needs his way.

Mindy Siegel, MD

Mindy (pictured with Jaime Rodriguez)  is a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon who came to us from gymnastics, and who fits in quite well with our Teams at martial arts events and travels with the USA Teams. Mindy loves educating our students and volunteers from the pediatric perspective and we love having her around.

James Morgan, Paramedic

James comes to us via his wife Kelly Morgan and he has added a whole new dimension to our staff and educational training. Although we don't get him as many days now that they have children he loves coming out and being part of the BESM team at taekwondo events when we are in Las Vegas.

Cheryl Lee-Pow, D.C., C.C.S.P., Chiropractic Physician

Cheryl is a Sports Chiropractic Physician who has been with BESM for taewkondo and action sports for over a decade, starting first as a student. She often joins us for taekwondo or bmx events in the Virginia and Maryland areas when she is not busy with the many professional and Olympic sports she regularly works with.

Nils Jackson, Physical Therapist/Physiotherapist

Nils is a Physical Therapist who has extensive Sports Medicine experience and works our martial arts events when he is in the USA. (He primarily works internationally).

Christina Allen, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

Christina is one of our past BESM Medical Directors, who has worked extensively with taekwondo national events and who has also traveled with the USA Taekwondo Team to several Pan Am Games, World Championships and Olympics.

Tricia Leslie, Certified Athletic Trainer

Trish (pictured to the left of Andi) has known BESM owner for over 20 years, working many of the first events BESM covered in taekwondo as well as when both Trish's were still in university sports programs. These days Trish joins us for local taekwondo events in SC & GA as well as National Taekwondo Events.

Allison Wood, Certified Athletic Trainer

Allie was initially recruited as a Student Athletic Trainer by Trish for Dew Tour, became a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) and began working Taekwondo as well as BMX events. Allie is one of the few of our staff who has worked Trampoline Nationals as well as Cheerleading and Dance events. Allie now works in the Dominican Republic as an ATC for the Dodgers Minor League Team but occasionally makes an appearance with BESM when back in the USA.

Abigail Elies, Certified Athletic Trainer

Abigail (pictured with Stephanie Huntsman) is a Certified Athletic Trainer who started out as student athletic trainer for BMX events, eventually also working Taekwondo events before she became a Certified Athletic Trainer with a Master's Degree. You can occasionally see her at events BESM in Florida.

Stephanie Huntsman, Certified Athletic Trainer

Stephanie started with BESM as a Student Athletic Trainer with BMX events, and later worked Taekwondo events too. Stephanie went onto become a Certified Athletic Trainer working many national and international BMX events with BESM. She now works for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.

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