Request An Estimate

Request An Estimate

Use the form below to request an estimate. Someone from our office will get back to you by phone or email as soon as possible. There is no obligation. Remember, the more information we have about your event, the better an estimate we can calculate, so please include details about the following:


Type of Event: Sport/Sports Level (ie amateur, para-sport, professional or pro/am event ); is it a competition, camp or seminar?

Is this a Sanctioned Event by a National Governing Body (NGB) with sanctioning requirements for medical coverage of event?

Estimated Number of Participants (please include ages)

Budget Limitations

Service Type: Athletic Trainers only, add Medical Doctors, add Chiropractors, add Massage Therapists, add Paramedics

Location (Address)

Date(s) and Times and anything you expect to be included in the package price.  


Martial Arts Event: how many rings of sparring versus forms will you have for event?

Action Sports or Performance Arts Events: how many events/venues will run at same time and in how many different locations?

Will you need to have an ALS/Paramedics Unit on site?

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